»For the Love of Peace« (Johan Schäfer) /

»Vervolken« (Alex Lebus)

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What does peace mean? Is it the same for everyone? Who decides about it? The people (Das Volk)?
What is Das Volk? Statements made in different times and by different people were the starting point for Alex Lebus' work "Vervolken".
Do Das Volk unite "For the Love of Peace"? Johan Schäfer deforms the fingers giving the victory sign into a heart.
The "V" as a hand sign and in Morse code (···—) became a symbol during the Second World War. The Morse code corresponds to the head motif of Beethoven's 5th Symphony ("Ta Ta Ta Taaa"), which the BBC also broadcast in occupied countries as a distinctive sign of its programme - a resounding beacon of resistance against the Germans, written by a German.

»Aus Liebe für den Frieden«, 2017 (Johan Schäfer) /

»Vervolken«, 2022 (Alex Lebus)